Facility Management

Besides area and asset management the archifm.net system also ensures entire software support for the maintenance of the facilities.

Professional functionality has been successfully kept even besides easy handling and customizing, i.e. all important tasks can be accessed from the main screen with a single click. As a result of entitlement management settings it is possible to restrict the individual phases of the maintenance work process to certain user groups (fault report, planning, approval, worksheet handling, work reports, etc.), i.e. the given users only have access to the activities relating to their area of work.

Obviously, in the case of the approval function the decision threshold can also be determined per user, and depending on the event type and amount limit, the system is also capable of granting automatic approvals.

Facility Management involves the following module functions:

Conditional or status dependent maintenance

This is a special type of maintenance in which when a building automation system or on-site intelligent meters are available, the system is able to use live data from them to initiate maintenance work. Using it, for example, it is possible to replace fan-coil filters only when they need to be replaced, i.e. when they are so contaminated they do not let enough air through any more. This is only a specific example, but similarly to this maintenance rules can be set that do not only depend on time, but also on certain measured values. As a result of this costs can be reduced by extending maintenance cycles, and the risk of new failures can also be reduced by avoiding work being performed on systems that operate efficiently.

Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance management is the most frequently changing sphere of activity during daily real estate operation. For this the archifm.net system provides a web helpdesk interface. This interface can even be used by your own dispatcher centre, but with a customized look it can even be made directly accessible for unlimited number of clients making breakdown reports.

Scheduled maintenance

This category includes all work that can be performed in connection with the property portfolio. Such work involves for example cleaning, periodical regular maintenance and compulsory maintenance prescribed by law. The archifm.net system ensures numerous automatic planning functionalities taking into consideration holidays, individual modification demands and even the availability of resources.

In respect of the work process there is a separate group planning phase, in the course of which with the help of wizards and templates it can be determined how frequently the individual maintenance points can be maintained and in what way, and the follow-up phase can be determined too. Life always brings changes compared to what you have planned, which can be considered by users in the follow-up phase by making individual modifications to the individual maintenance events, or even by replanning the remaining period with the help of wizards.

Obviously the plan-fact data, the availability or consumption of budgets can be simply followed in daily work at any time after each planning process.


Core Maintenance and Cleaning Management modules

Breakdown and failure management

Scheduled maintenance

Worksheet handling

Maintenance standards

Warehouse management

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Financial Module

Human resource management

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