Hörmann Group Ltd.

In the construction market, the name Hörmann is synonymised with quality products in terms of gates, doors, cases and propulsions. The company boasts a leading position in Europe. This has been achieved through decades of continuous growth of a family business, characterized by innovation, quality assurance and customer proximity.
Today, the Hörmann Group is led by the third and fourth generations of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the founder August Hörmann. Thomas J. Hörmann, Martin J. Hörmann and Christoph Hörmann are the company’s personal director.

The challenge

Hörmann Hungária Kft., the Hungarian representative of Hörmann, has significantly increased its turnover in the sale of doors and gates in recent years, so in addition to sales, the number of warranty repairs and planned maintenance has increased significantly. At the same time, the company extended its service activities to the gates it did not sell, in addition to serving the warranty partners. The increased workload has become increasingly difficult to administer (recording error reporting data, planning work, issuing worksheets, reporting completed, accounting for costs) and it is insurmountable to accurately manage the data in Excel tables over a certain number of customers. To solve these tasks, the management of the company has chosen to introduce a CMMS system. After hearing several applicants, Hörmann finally decided to introduce Archifm maintenance software as part of a pilot project. 

After the successful introduction and use of the ArchiFM Maintenance system, Hörmann Hungária Kft. decided to expand functionality by managing the maintenance professionals’ on-site worksheet and to update its system to the archifm.net web software system, which it intends to use in a rental construction.

The solution

Hörmann’s two key demands for further progress:

• maintenance colleagues receive maintenance worksheets electronically at the current location without having to go back to the centre, and

• implement the infrastructure of the system, its web access with the provider’s own tools, Hörmann wants to use the system, not to operate it.

Both needs are addressed by the archifm.net system, which is easy to use in a hosted environment provided by the developer from its own web servers.

As a first step in the project, all maintenance data, templates, and data structures had to be transferred to the database of the archifm.net central server. Since electronic worksheet management also allows you to top up detailed maintenance work descriptions in a checklist, after the transfer, all planned maintenance work templates had to be uploaded with up to 140 steps of detailed check-up to-do list based on the company’s German standard. The real benefit of this is on the mobile device, as the maintenance worker must, in addition to the exact task set, indicate the inspection and maintenance work that has been carried out.

The Archifm mobile for Android software also had to be modified to meet the project’s needs, as the detailed checklist should be ticked off, where appropriate, the comments should be mandatory for quality assurance purposes, and the on-site entry of the opening number of the gate should be published as mandatory data. It was important for the software to be easy to use even in dirty environments, to have large buttons, and to conform to normal market boards with a case that protects against downfall or impact. The Archifm helpdesk for Mobile software does not require any special hardware to use it.


An important additional task was given to the mobile device: at the end of the work, both the employee Of Hörmann and the customer who received the work had to sign against the completed work. This signature is also made on the mobile device screen, on the electronic interface, which is stored in the archifm.net system with an exact time stamp and can also be retrieved. At this time, of course, the customer can review the work carried out and the results of the maintenance already on site, before signing.

Since the functionality of the system was already capable of carrying out the operation, the statements had to be changed to take advantage of further evaluation possibilities, and on the other hand, on-the-spot signatures should be displayed on the documents when printing worksheets. They are thus used as an attachment to the invoice, which also includes real working time. The latter is really relevant in the case of ad hoc failures, because it is also the basis for the settlement.

Detailed maintenance information has allowed you to accurately track costs, which can be used to better plan new maintenance offers.

One of the most important cornerstones of the introduction of the mobile device is that, since Hörmann is able to continuously track on a map where his maintenance professionals are, he can optimally implement the assignment of work in this light. Because maintenance workers don’t have to go back to the center to get worksheets, but they automatically appear on their mobile devices with an update, so the efficiency of the work has been significantly improved. During the data refresh, worksheets and signatures related to the newly completed work are also added to the server, i.e. there is a minimal chance of data loss even in the event of a device failure.

The benefit

The Archifm.net software system introduced effectively supports the day-to-day tasks of the employees of the Gates and Doors business of Hörmann Hungária Kft. Service managers can manage incoming error reports using the software and plan planned maintenance events with financial and human resources optimization in mind. The cost estimate of the failures could be clarified considering the exact maintenance history, which also led to more successful marketability. Electronic worksheet management has greatly increased the work management efficiency of maintenance colleagues, while also making the current content and results of work to be traceable. The reports provide management with clear and quick reports on the annual turnover of the business.

The entire archifm.net software system is operated by vintoCON on its own server and carries out continuous technical monitoring, no need to employ its own IT specialist.

Some directions for the use of the system:
After a few months of use, there are thousands of closed scheduled and malfunction handling maintenance events in the archifm.net system. By the autumn of 2013, this number had risen above 1,000 maintenance events per month, which is also due to Hörmann’s complete shift to designing and following maintenance work to use the archifm.net system.