Dome Facility Services Group

For nearly a decade and a half, Dome Facility Services Group has provided complete integrated facility management services in the domestic real estate market. In addition to the facility operations of the FM business, their group provides their clients with energy and dome fit-out, while their Dome Real Estate Consulting business provides a full-fledged facility management consulting service. With the unbroken, dynamic development of their company, it has become a major player in the Hungarian establishment management market today

The challenge

• Introduction of a cloud-based complex CAFM system

• Asset stock assessment

• Migration and recording of assets

• Loading and managing maintenance plans

• HelpDesk and dispatch service support

• Workflow support

• Documenting housekeeper duties

• Documentation of material uses

• Electronic handling of worksheets

• Support for management decision-making

• Support for periodic reporting to AUDI Hungaria

The solution

I. Phase

1. Asset stock assessment, barcoding

2. Collection and control of data files

3. Create a lab, load basic data

4. Compiling and loading work instructions, maintenance plans

5. Development of individual ad hoc and planned worksheet reports

6. Customize a mobile app

7. Test run, testing

8. Post-test adjustments, fine-tuning

9. Start a production system


II. Phase

10. Involving housekeeper duties in electronic worksheet management

11. Inclusion of material uses in electronic worksheet management

12. Development of other reports

13. Dispatch Service / HelpDesk Customization

14. Refinement and further development of mobile application

15. Server-side optimization

The benefit

• Accurate data set

• Successful transition to electronic registration

• Centralized administration and data access

• Electronic worksheet management

• Instant information, statements and analysis


• Improve workflow efficiency

• More accurate administration

• Cost savings for the customer

• Support for management decision-making

A Dome műszaki létesítménygazdálkodási tevékenysége az ArchiFM rendszer segítségével teljesen papírmentes, ezáltal éves szinten több mint egy tonna papírt tudunk megspórolni, mellyel a környezeti terhelést is tudjuk csökkenteni.”