B+N Referencia Zrt.

B+N Referencia Zrt. was founded in 1993. The company, which was only responsible for cleaning at the time, has become one of the largest FM operators in the Hungarian market and occupies 334th place on the list of the 500 largest companies. In 2018, their activities were expanded with laundry services: The Referencia Laundromats currently have 8 laundromats, with more than 90 tons of capacity per day reliably serving the hotel industry and health facilities. Since 2015, SAP corporate governance systems have been managing their processes, and their ISO certifications guarantee consistent quality.
The company currently employs more than 4,000 permanent employees and manages more than 5,000,000 square feet of space in 2,600 locations. Their most important values are customer focus, fair, quality work, reliability and transparent operation.

The challenge

In January 2012, B+N Referencia Zrt. asked us to tender for the introduction of an establishment management system. The requirements expected by B+N Referencia Zrt. for the facility management system were as follows:

• The CAFM solution provides a clear, clear and accurate record of customers’ property data and equipment operated;

• The solution to be introduced initially supports the supervision of 5-40 buildings;

• The system should display the mechanical and electrical equipment of the customers in an appropriate hierarchy;

• Support both Planned Preventive Maintenance Tasks and operational work and ad hoc error handling;

• Complete the failure handling with a Helpdesk system;

• The system should include basic solutions during the first phase of implementation, but later it should be possible to add the optional features described here;

• Provide management and partners with continuous analytical information for efficient operation;• The system provides a central, integrated solution where you only need to add data once;

• Support the work of mobile groups using mobile devices

• The software introduced allows you to expand the information stored in the system and to collaborate with additional software that will be purchased later.

The solution

At B+N Referncia Zrt, an earlier version of ArchiFM was initially introduced, which was installed on the client’s own server. After starting the basic operation, we continuously worked with our client to expand the functionality of the system and also introduced the use of the mobile application, which allows you to digitally administer the work of mobile maintenance and troubleshooting teams on the ground. When the new cloud-based version of ArchiFM was released, we updated the old version and our client successfully switched to browser-based operation. B+N Referencia Zrt. has undergone a huge increase in recent years and as a result has continuously expanded the use of the system to the various sectors of the company. Their customer base has expanded significantly and the number of properties and maintenance equipment managed in the system and the number of user licenses have now increased several times compared to the initial data. We implemented the expectations of our client early in the introduction of the ArchiFM system and since then we have supported their work with a number of unique developments that will significantly facilitate the company’s administrative and analytical work in the process of operations. The solutions implemented are:

• As it stands, the ArchiFM system is able to manage and hierarchically represent B+N’s entire real estate portfolio, which currently represents more than 21,000 real estate items;

• The number of equipment to be maintained currently exceeds 26 000;

The system is designed to support both Planned Preventive Maintenance tasks, operational work and ad hoc error handling;

• A HelpDesk system has been developed to facilitate the work of a large dispatch center in daily error handling tasks;

• The number of works in the scheme exceeds 15 000 per year;

• Thanks to up-to-date records and customer-generated statements, Archifm system provides management and partners with continuous analytical information for efficient operation;

B+N Zrt. is currently in discussions on the further development of the system, with the result that a complex warehouse management and inventory module will be developed in the near future, as well as an ERP integration solution.