Controlling your property portfolio through one central system.

ArchiFM offers energy savings possibilities, efficient workflow management, and workflow optimization services for buildings and building portfolios, local or worldwide. With ArchiFM, you can manage all your assets from one central database, schedule preventive maintenance, and promptly react to breakdown maintenance. You can see your workers’ schedules, monitor your tenants, and double check your warehouse to make sure you have enough parts on stock to fix your equipment.

Why choose ArchiFM?

We help you reduce O&M costs. 90% of the overall costs of a building’s lifecycle is spent during the operation and maintenance phase. We are here to help you significantly reduce those costs.

We help you retain all knowledge and keep it in house. Operation and maintenance colleagues often come from the early Generation X and before. The decades of knowledge often exists only in their head and is rarely documented. With ArchiFM, you can make sure the wisdom is documented and passed on.

We make results at the bottom line. It is never easy to find the right colleagues with the right skills. Most O&M departments are understaffed. ArchiFM helps you increase efficiency so you can get more work done with less people.

We create your digital twin. Whether you have a BIM model at hand or not, we can create the digital twin of your buildings. With one central database, you can control and manage your entire building portfolio all over the world.

ArchiFM News

Tungsram scores the first goal in Puskás Aréna

Barely over eight months after Tungsram has bought majority ownership in world-class property and facility management software ArchiFM, the company quickly scored the first and so far the biggest goal in Puskás Aréna. […]


Tungsram joins allies with Gulf Software Distribution

Tungsram’s facility and property management software ArchiFM may soon be able to manage some of the most impressive architectural wonders of the modern world, as Tungsram Innovative Solutions (TIS) has recently signed a […]



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